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heatgun protection 2 tips


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take a 6" x 6" peice of card board and wrap it around the nozzel or the nose remove card board barrel and trim a half inch off, to make it tight on the shaft hears some pic's of the gun and tape together,HPIM1910.jpg



also shock resistant, always laying my gun on the floor. TA seen it the outher day, sad it's a new post.

keeping the card board cover on the nose when not in use. I can cover it up hot and toss it in my bag and not burn a thing!!! not even me :spit:lol2:cool

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used a bungee cord and cut it to fit,

and rapped it up with electric tape,

it's a 3 year old gun, and still runs great, bad habbit, allways setting it on the ground,

I also have a gun hanger for it, no time to hang it up, do it later,

the card board wraps around the plastic housing/ nose of the gun, not even a burn on it,

the sheald has also been around a long time,

sometimes I maybe mobile and the gun is hot,

the card board will lock down on the nose of the gun,

and will clear the hot tip by 1/2" and no prob's for past 3 years now. tuttle

PS and toss it in my duffle bag no burns. :thumb

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I just dont care enough about my heat gun to protect it...but, I still use the Milwakee junk. It seems when I get a good, semi expensive heat gun, it lasts less than a year. I don't think Im hard on em, but maybe I am. Id like to get some Makitas...they get VERY hot and blow a lot of air. If I get one, I'll burn my Milwakees with it. :evilgrin

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