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Check out these a$$ clowns


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These guys are located in Houston with two locations. They have advertisement on the Houston Craigslist and the have their new website all over their ads. They have a picture of a huge building with multiple vans as their location.... www.tinthouston.com/about_us.php. Can you tell they are fake? I'll try and go by tomorrow and take a picture of their REAL location (one of them), and it doesn't look like this one. I can't say whether or not some of the resi pics are jobs they have done, but come on...$75 any car? I do know that they use Wincos (Madico's Japanese line (Lintec)) and they charge accordingly...I'll give them that.

BTW, in some pics of commercial jobs, there are mountains in the background...WE DON'T HAVE MOUNTAINS IN HOUSTON!!

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Guest Jerry250f

Every joker in town will beat a competitors price, I guess thats just how they try to run things? And that picture looks like it was made off the computer especially those HHR's they look fake.

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Guest tintdude1982

thats all false they aint making :spit on those jobs they will be outta business soon and I doubt they drum up enough work to cover all those cost and employees especially in this economic crisis :lol2

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