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Cop gave me a call!

Guest Blade

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We do the tinting in town for all city, county, and state patrol vehicles. City cop gave me a call yesterday. His patrol car is tinted in 35 on the 2 front doors and 5 on the rest. We did it for him about 2 years ago to keep the glare of his computer screen and keep civilians from seeing the bad guys in the back. It seems one of the city council members is giving him a hard time about his car because it's tinted illegally. This guy wanted me to write him a note to give to the council member saying that police vehicles are exempt from the tint laws. :rollin He didn't even know the law and asked me to fax him a copy of the RCW code for Washington on sunscreening. :thumb He asked how he could prove to the council member that his car was exempt........... :rollin I told him to have the council member look at his license plates...They say exempt right on them. :hmmm I never did like the fact that we were doing those cop cars darker!!!!!

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Guest thetintshop

I do all the cop cars and sheriff cars for this county. I USED to do them darker if they wanted. but not anymore. they can go somewhere else if they don't like it. the last one I did, I put 5% all around because it was their "snitch" car. unmarked and regular plates. I've even thought about calling them and telling them I want to replace it because it's not safe.

funny, this never bothered me until I had kids. now, with my wife and kids out there on the road with them, I just don't like it.

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Guest powertints

Blade - you in E. WA? I do some work for state and especially Coast Guard and Navy around here. I used to do darker than legal, but stopped about 6 months ago right before the big "crackdown". How many probs you been having over there? BTW, according to the troopers I have talked to, they are NOT exemt from the tint law but who is going to do anything about it. I have never verified it one way or the other though, I just have a supervisor right me a letter on official letterhead requesting a specific film, that way my ass is covered somewhat. :rollin

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Guest skeeter

sl*t will like this one. Had a VA. state policeman in the shop last Saturday. Comes from Alexandria on weekends to see family. Has a Durango and Cavalier, but wanted the Cavalier done similiar to the Durango. Thus, (15%) illegal on back 3 and (50%)legal on front 2. $185 bucks and an hour later another satisfied customer. :rollin

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Guest Sprinter

yea that's a great smell! if I tinted my windows illegal and got pulled over I would complain to high heaven and meter the cops windows just to see what he's got on there, and then show up in court with the facts! double standard allways will be till someone takes a stand!

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