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G35 Sedan

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I'm trying to tint a white g35 sedan 2004, but not sure what to look for when looking up a tint shop, how much it costs or whatnot. If you know of a good place in Orlando, FL area please point me to it and let me know what color or type of tint would work for a white car. I thought 50% is good enough because I look in my rear view miror frequently...


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Guest Total tint

first 50% in florida might as well not do it, second ask questions what kind of warranty, what does it include, is it color stable, how long have they been there, can they give a warranty card from film company? most important dont go with the cheapest shop there is a reason why they are so cheap. I'm the hightest by far in my town and damn proud of it good luck

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thanks for the info. That's exactly the problem I'm having with these shops; I can't tell if they are just being cheap or they are offering a reasonable price. $160 for Llumar tint seems like their average price, so I'll be looking for something in that price range.

2 questions: Should I trust those mobile tint businesses? and would I be having any problems with gps or radar detectors (Beltronics scans from front) if I go with Llumar?

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