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Best Car You Have Owned ?


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For an old beater? toss up for me....87 jetta that had over 200,000 miles on it when I sold it...and a 92 jeep cherokee sport. That thing would go through anything I threw at it. Even lost every bit of oil one time out 4-wheeling...drove it home, cleaned it off and duct taped the hole, put in 2 quarts of oil till it at least showed on the dipstick, drove it to the garage and repaired the pan. Then drove it for another 60,000 miles before I sold it. Ended up with over 300,000 miles on that one.

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1990 Nissan Maxima. Bought it with 162,--- and sold it three years later with 223,---. Original 5 speed tranny and motor. The only thing I had to do was change one CV axle and struts. I couldnt kill it. It had an oil leak out of 3-4 places, but ran like a champ...never let me down.

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Mine was a 1980 Chevy Citation 4 cyl, bought in 87 with 60,000 miles.

Sold it with 220,000 miles, only broke down one time, front drive axle gave out, other than that started first time, every time.

When I sold it, less than 1 qt oil every 3,000 miles.

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1996 Cavalier. I had 140,000 and the only things I had to replace were a water pump and ABS sensor. I did replace the tranny, but that was from going to the drag strip and blowing out the drive shaft seals then the mechanic that replaced the seals put in standard tranny fluid..... I drove that car hard and it is still running a friend of mine around today.

today I drive a 1995 Lumina Van that has just under 240,000 on it. Runs like it is bullet proof. Drives down the road better than most anything I have driven.

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Guest Total tint
72 dodge Dart with a slant 6! Bought it when I was 16 for 600$ and sold it for 600$ when I was 28. Couldn't run that car in the ground if ya wanted to!

thats the al bundy mobile :trustme

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