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Viper 5901 Remote Start

Guest balloonpilot

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Guest balloonpilot

The truck:

2002 Ford F250 Diesel

The Alarm:

Viper 5901 with remote start

The Problem:

Alarm works fine - Arm/Disarm, sensing doors and shock sensor.

Remote start works fine - After wiring into the tach signal the remote start and turbo timer (run for x mintes that stop) works fine.

When alarm is armed, I remote start the vehicle, come outside to get into vehicle, disarm the alarm and the alarm disarms BUT the engine is shut off too. The alarm deos try to restart the engine.

When I remote start the engine, then arm the alarm = kills engine.

When I have the engine running (via key) and press the remote start button (which activates the timer to run engine for x minutes) - the engine keeps running when I take the key out (as expected) - however, if I arm the alarm it kills the engine.

So basically - any time the alarm is armed or disarmed and the engine is running (Via remote start) = it kills the engine

Please HELP

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