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#1 By "Cuttingedge"

A new Way To Market Graffitti Film

Dont know if anyone else does this, but try and market graffitti film to contractors/builders/glass supply companies who needs to protect thier expensive glass windows during the construction process. Subcontractors are always breaking glass or splashing material on it causing damage. I know some windows do come with a protective removable plastic sheeting already but there are glass products that do not come with this protective covering. You will be surprised how receptive contractors can be when you offer them a rather low cost way to protect thier bottom line. Most of the time you dont even have to install it, just sell them the rolls and let thier guys install it since it doesnt have to look pretty. I just sold 12 36" x 100ft rolls to a customer and just marked up my cost per roll by 50%.

#2 By "Jeff Rutherford Jax fl."

fingers, heating and then cooling technique

im sure we all do this

when heating fingers on the glass, after install

I noticed that I can heat the glass "not to extremely hot" and then shock it with water to cool it back down with my hard card holding the finger down. it seems to me that this helps by cooling it back down?

I will ask how many of us use this technique?

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