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Transfer Board

Guest Romero

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Hi everybody. I am looking for a transfer board first of all I want to know what each one of you uses as one. Where can I find one and for what price. I was looking for the ones shown in Stan DVDs but cannot make out what exactly it is or where to find one.

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Guest crazytinter

Hey Dallas, Go to a local window replacement company and ask them for any old slider doors they are tossing, or check the trash cans of the replacement shops and the glass replacement shops. Good luck

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I think a lot of stan's transfer boards are glass shower doors. I picked a few up from local construction salvage and habitat for humanity.

You can probably find some free/cheap on craigslist also... :spit

:lol Glass patio doors. Picked um up at a used building supply for about 10-15 bucks :spit


Good tip

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I use two peices 44x120 they are recycled from blue cross blue shields here in jax. they remodeled the 17th floor and I ended up with 15 pannels this size I only used two here at the shop and you see how well they work. I use a dgi plotter that is 40 inches wide, so the 44" peices are side by side. mainly use one side for front doors 30% and the other for the rear of the car. you can see the lay out in my pic and how well it works.

my theory is check with contractors and other glass companies and find out if they might have glass for you to salvage



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they have both cut outs on hand, but here in florida its a law..if you have a tail light out and you dont have it tinted over they can only give you a warning ticket if you cover it you get a ticket...

so all my dealers get it that way "cut out"

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I actually use a large piece of plexiglass that I got from a golf cart shop. I was there doing some work on the owners Dodge ram p/u and they were going to chuck a windscreen from a golf cart because the customer wanted a 'tinted' one, so I took it off their hands for nuthing. Since it's much lighter than glass, it works great for my mobile business. I mounted small rollers on the 2 bottom corners and laid a line of squishy blue sponge thingy's (from a new Altima right off the truck) along the backside, so I can lean it against the rear of a car. I can place it where I want it depending on which window I'm working on. Oh and btw, I don't cut on it to round corners and such. I do that by hand with a quality set of scissors.

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