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SunGard Lava


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Well I have switched from Global and I have been using SunGard thru the winter and today I got to meet my rep. Ron. I also used a new film call Lava from SunGard a dyed 1.5 mil. and it was nice!! Shrank like butter I would compare it to O.T.I. a great shrinking film in my opinion. Also the color is BLACK!! Not tan like perform-x or green like shadow but black from the outside in and gray/slate color from inside looking out. The company is alot better than they were and to be honest I never had any real warranty or film beefs with SunGard just E.C.P. my distributor at the time that mad me hate SunGard.(Did That make sense?) Anyways I tinted Ron's 4-door in 20% Lava on the rears and uh 35% :lol6 Perform-X fronts and needless to say the fronts didnt match (but of course the quality of the install was great) and he cant wait till he gets Lava 35% to redo the fronts. Well just wanted to say that if you have been burned by SunGard in the past you may want to consider switching back the company seems to be back on track with a new adhesive from what we wereused and now a new dye/film it is where I am going to be spending money on my inentory. :spit Oh and I was using Shadow for the last 2-3 months.

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Guest absolutetinting

they won't. They said that when solar matrix began. socal would have thousands thousands of dollars in warranties alone. thats why they don't have an office in socal. all manufacturers are there. they took care of there local dealers in florida and some in the east coast, but not in the west. this dates back to crapite or graphite or performance XXXXX or what ever you want to call it.

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The warranty thing sucks for ya. For me most of the jobs at that time were !llegal for me anyways. I have never had a film company stand TOTALLY behind the film I install I got screwed by Johnston with a bunch of rolls of thirty% with white specks in it wasnt the film I was stuck with it, SunTek I had some of the earlier stuff shink after installing it on several cars film just kept shrinking mostly back glass's would come back all gappy a year later. SunGard distortion and peeling with Desert, some llumar three years back all went purple so I don't know guess ill chance it. :spit

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I could be way off but didn't capt bill mention they'd work with warranty issues on a case by case basis or something? He made them sound to be pretty reasonable now, especially if they'd be retaining or re-acquiring an old dealer... I could be wrong though.

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