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Any luck with conv. plastic rear windows???

Guest oasisglatint

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I dont trust window film on these windows!!!!!!!!

Sometimes I vinyl them with stuff like the taillight film, here its called tranparent vinyl for lightsigns.

works good ! :lol2

That's what we offer! :lol2 Great minds think alike!

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Guest thatsnappyguy

I was thinking about the taillight tint, but we use lamin-x which has practically no clarity at all. any transparent vinly that has good clarity out there? and what other brands or vinlys are yall tinting tailights with? lamin-x is good but very $$$$

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Guest oasisglatint
What product are you using for the plastic windows ??? How dows it hold up after the top goes up and down a couple times folding the window ????

Looks good in the pic!

I'm using tint :DD

Surely, it'll be fine......... right?? :drevil


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