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I need to find a film that will stick to acrylic or plexiglass. Any ideas?

back in the day we used to use cda/cdf cause some beleived it would not bubble up when the sun hit it,,, boy were we wrong. plexi suxx's. the finish is never smooth, be verry verry careful when trimming it, the blade will wonder and cause your poop shoot to pucker. other than that, good luck were rooting for you.

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You need to piggyback for darker VLT. Of the jobs we've done on boats, etc. seems you always have one or two panels with large fingers from adhesive failure after a couple of years. Make sure you either explain it out and offer no free labor on redo for those type installs. The regular film or top layer usually does fine. Regular flat polycarbonate has been less problematic.

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Madico states that you apply the "blister free" and then you can apply any standard film over that.....

expect to pay for it though and they recommend coming back to put on the second layer after the first has dried!

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