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#1 By "Limo Tint Larry"

Building your business on the web

For anyone with a website this is for you, for those without... what the hell are you doing without a website???

Back to business, Google Analytics this is a free program offered by Google to help you improove your online results. I am sure many of you are working with Google Adwords already and might be familiar with this program, some might not so I figured I would share this little gem.

Google Analytics gives you a java code you then imbed into each page on your website you would like to track. It will give you a better understanding of how people found your website and where they visit and for how long while on your website. It can show you where people visit from a geographical scale so you can better focus advertising on that region. If you are using Adwords it can help you see which keywords are bringing in results and which aren't thus allowing you to focus your advertising on Adwords producing results. This is the tip of the iceberg in terms of what you can gain from using this free program.

This is a quick explanation, I am not an expert I would recommend exploring the program and taking the tour http://services.google.com/analytics/tour/index_en-US.html

The one thing I have noticed over and over while visiting shops as a rep (Solargard Socal) is how few shops properly utilize their webpage and search engine optimization. Websites need to be updated, this is your business card to the world these days! Simply having a page with a few tinted cars and some info on why hacks should be avoided ain't gonna cut it anymore. While we are all pushing hard to make it out there in these tough economic times there is an ace in the hole with aggressive web marketing... especially if its FREE. Considering everyone who reads this is on a forum I will guess that you are a little more computer savvy than the typical shop, use that to your advantage! I cant remember the last time I picked up a phonebook but I live on the internet and find everything I want through it.

#2 By "lilDetails"

Get a grip

I have been using a cheap suction cup to pull auto windows around for a good while now and thought this might make a good tip of the week.

I know it is pretty simple and that there are a lot of you that do this too....not meant to be rocket science or anything just something to think about for the newer guys.

This suction cup was bought at Tractor Supply for $5 or so. I have seen them at auto parts stores, hardware stores, and body supply stores. I was doing a commercial job and the glass guys were pulling out a large tempered dual pane glass. They were short one suction cup for a bit of extra control and they actually used this one.....I wouldn't use it to move glass, but for a good solid grip....

I use this for when a door glass is shifting and you want to really get that film tucked in to where you will not see a light gap. I also just used it to pull out on a back door 1/4 window on a 2006 Mercedes 320? The rubber was out on the back corner of the glass and I was having a hard time getting it carded out...just enough relief to get a corner card back there with the cup and a pull....



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