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Guest skeeter

Anyone heard the Budweiser commercial "MR. WAY TOO MUCH COLOGNE WEARER GUY?" Well, I met him at my shop yesterday. He told me about spending a grand on some SUV for bake on tint. Maybe someone does this process but I think he bought new glass and was lied to. But he's convincd an oven was involved. Spend nearly 20 minutes with the guy, sample him up on vehicle, recommend PP50 all around at $215, then start talking about his truck which is an extended r/r. Told him around $200. Then I go home. He comes back with truck and my co worker gives him a price of $165 on the truck. No big deal, I'll go along with that. Then he says I'm high on the Volvo at $215 and his last car was $135. My congenial co worker tried to explain experience/materials/referals ,etc. to him. Glad I was'nt there, I'd of said take your expensive ride to the cheap guy. Maybe he'll even take some of that sh!t your wearing in trade! NO kidding. :nope

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      Xpel; rookie (me) popped air pocket and nicked paint

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      Xpel; rookie (me) popped air pocket and nicked paint

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      Marks appearing on the window after tint removal

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