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Few Fast Questions

Guest Tint Terrorist

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Guest Tint Terrorist

Good Afternoon everyone! I appreciate your help with a couple quick questions, please.


I tint part time, about 3-4 cars a week and have been tinting for a couple of years now.

- I usually use a dryer sheet to shrink one piece back windows. I'm doing a 2003 Eclipse on Friday & might have to two piece the rear window if I can't shrink it correctly. I have never seamed a rear window install. I know you cut along the defroster line, but when. I know it sounds pretty stupid ... lol, but how do you two piece a rear window (procedure)?

- Where can I buy black vinyl for dot matrix in some type of store or local business store or rather than online? I'm hoping to switch to this method, I can't seem to get Matrix Glue to look good from the outside (even with prior sanding and applying different hard card'ing pressures).

- The dot matrix on BMW Frameless Windows (The strip that goes vertically on the edge of the glass) How do you get that to lay down without it looking different than the rest of the window? Is tha possible?

- Do most tinters out there double cut roll ups to save time?

- If you don't have a plotter and free cut your film, how long does it take you to tint a "average difficulty" 4 Door Sedan. I have great quality (IMO) .. but, I'm trying to speed things up. (-:

Thank You to anyone that will take the time to answer any of these questions. I have lurked in here for some time now ...lol

Nice to meet'cha! :thumb

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