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what happen?

Guest tintgod

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Guest tintgod
Someone suggested that it's probably not a good idea to have a thread going about it during the suit, afterwords I suppose it would be OK. :cool

would that someone .be someone that works for SG?.. :dwiwd

I think it should be public record IMO...just in case if someone else thinks they were wronged by SGs business practice they could get in on the class action suit.

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Guest filmslayer
The internet! I hear something about a company in a state bordering where I live from a guy half way around the world! 50 years ago we could have talked about it …… but … 50 years ago we wouldn’t have heard anything! I think they call this a conundrum. Probably a good call Ric. :cool

I disagree Stan ! we in this sh!t together like it or not ! and it took a major player in the inds. pulling strings and applying pressure to ric to get him to pull it ! I for one call :cool cause there aint no major players here post thier case !!! :dwiwd

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