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customer coming back! help!

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:poop just got a phone call from a customer that is coming back with his honda civic,he isn't happy with the rear window,he says it's bubbling and starting to peel off? now I only done it last week so this car is fresh in my mind its a 1992 honda civic 3 door but the rear door is split the window goes up and the rest of the rear door goes down, now this rear window glass has a lot on it I.e the wiper and motor and cables enclosed in rubber strips for the rear demister, and the gas struts that lift the glass are on it so you can imagine the amount of cutting I have to do! the glass is very similar to that of the honda crv that has a split rear door,do any of you guys have any suggestions on how to tint this rear window as it's a right pain,I'll re tint it no probs but I know it's going to be awkward! :lol
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it's a difficult window I'm not disagreeing with you on that one, it's coming back probaly at the weekend so I can take my time with it. it's only a small back window but 17" high by around 50" long but with the concave on it plus the frit lines plus the holes I have to cut for the struts and the wiper and watching where the film is next to the cables for the rear demister (which are glued on!) it suddenly turns from an easy window to probaly the hardest one I've done yet!

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cant remove anything on this window!!!!! everything is either glued on or in the case of the wiper bolted but totally seized on! there is no way I'm putting pressure on it as it's thru glass! one wrong turn or pressure in the wrong place and I'll have to fork out for a new rear glass!

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