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Turtle Wax for shrinking

Guest justincredible

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Guest foliacar

Yes I have tryed it whit Turtle wax for back glass shrinking and I love it. :mad

This it houw I do it.

First clean the back glass whit glasex en whipe it dry whit papertower.

than I take the wax on the back glass and whipe it out so you will se a fog of wax on it.(its the same as you set the car in the wax)

than lett it dry.

than you do the same think as you do whit babypowder.( you make a H)

sorry for my bad english :mad

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I though putting wax on glass will "PIT" the glass.

Dryer sheet here.

not sure what glass would pit from wax.....I would use wax on my windshield to repel water before I found out about rain-x!

Just use a soapy water mix.....a bit more slip agent than you use for shrinking.... and wipe it lightly. Works like a combo of the M-dog soap and the dryer sheet....

No extra expense or toxic fumes either....

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Guest justincredible

Hey Littledetails I am using your soap water sprayer idea but alot of times the tint keeps sticking to thewindow when I am shrinking so I wanted to try some wax idea. I wish someone that wax shrinks would just tell me what they use and how much.... :beer

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