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I thought it might be cool to have a 'Featured Shop of the Week' type thing where the member could have a link to their shop's site and/or some info about their shop or something on the front page of the forum.

Do any of you guys have any ideas or suggestions on how we could fairly come up with a shop to feature every week?

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:hump Thanks man.

I was also thinking that even if people don't have a website they could have a page here similar to the pic of the week pages, with the description of their shop's services, pics, google maps etc etc, how ever the member would like to have it.

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Funny TD, when I read your banner post, this exact same idea came to mind .....(Great Minds think alike) :dunno

Since this site could really drum up business for the person by being directly linked to it and increasing search engine ranking, you should do it by auction. Name the post TintDude Feature of the week/month and people can post their bid and have a deadline when the auction is over. Last bid wins. The business gets a great marketing tool and TintDude gets some revenue (which it deserves). :poke

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