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Tinting for a glass shop


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For you tinters that may be looking for work or for a tint shop owner looking to expand your clientele list, consider approaching an established glass shop with the idea of adding window tinting to their services.

I've worked for just a few shops over the years and one of the best shops was a glass shop that decided to add window tinting to their services.

The two really complimented each other and had a synergistic effect such as a customer coming in for a windshield repair or replacement notices the shop does tinting as well, etc. Same for residential and commercial, often the glass shop will get called out to replace broken tinted glass, if they don't offer tinting as well they may be leaving money on the table. Also an easy upsell for any glass shop out replacing commercial glass is safety and graffiti film.

Even establishing a relationship with the glass shops in your area could reap a good deal of referral work.

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Very true TD. I have 4 glass shops in the area that I window tinting for. :shock

Get in good with as many glass shops as you can. They can come through with some big commercial jobs for you sometimes. mom & pop glass shops will get you alot of one or two window jobs where you match with exsisting film. Big union shops can get you some jobs you wouldn't get otherwise.

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I worked out a deal with one of the biggest commercial glass companies in my town and I get at least 2-3 jobs a month from them. Each job usually brings in from $1300-$500 each time they call. I always thank them with gift cards at the end of the year. Also just hooked up with a regional window and door company who I sell Antigraffiti film to when the need their products protected during new construction.

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