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Hey Everyone,

Im new to the board and to PDR. I took a training course, spent a decent chunk of chain on tools and accessories. Ive been practicing on my own since the course. For some strange reason my work is not as good as it was during the course. I also attempted a dent outdoors on an infinity FX rear passenger door. I couldnt see my light for the life of me. I got so frustrated, I packed my gear and headed out. I dont know why I had such a hard time seeing the light outdoors. I have a large 2 bulb light on casters. I think im going to opt for a portable one that is smaller and uses a suction cup. I can see my current light being a pain.

Im so frustrated right now. I dont even have it in me today to attempt to practice. Can any veterans shed some light on what I can do to help me with outdoor use of my light, stories of their rookie days, etc.

Thanks in advance!

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