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Late Model Tacoma Recomendations

Guest UrbanHillBilly

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Guest UrbanHillBilly

Hey guys.... I have a '07 Double cab Tacoma with factory privacy glass on the rear. Need some help deciding on tint brand and type, and %'s. Legal in my area is 28%F/15%R. Factory rear privacy glass is 25-27%. I'd like the end result to be 28-30% on the front sides, and a glare strip above the AS1 line using the same film as the front windows. For the rear I'd like it to be at or above 20%. Reason I'm tinting the rear is for UV protection b/c I guess the privacy glass has none. So I'm guessing I'd have to put some 70-80% on the rear right? I'm only trying to darken it up by roughly 5% and filter the UV. In my area, Solar Gard seems to be what all the shops are using. I don't like that shiny ghetto tint either. Like to stay factory "looking". Opinions?

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Guest absolutetinting

hey dude,

u'r like a good friend of mine. he always ask for everyones opinion and when he finally decides, it never comes out the way he thought it would. :lol2

don't care what everyone else thinks, do what you feels looks best or you'll never be happy. :lol2

most of us here like certain characteristics of the film we use, and can sell the tint very well to custy, and we all use different films. :dunno

ask for a sample from each manufacturer and decide for yourself. :dunno

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