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After Market Glass


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a customer comes in the shop and asks if he can have one window tinted. I said sure, he says he has to wait though because the glass man had exsplain that he has to keep the window up for 24 hours..BS..

when I looked it seamed all right but when I took a closer look at the glass, well all know that glass has curves..we all know as tinters that a charger has alot of curve? well this glass was after market and had some but no where near the curve of what the factory glass had. you could see a opening between the weather strip and the glass. I checked the stamp on the glass and never heard of what type of glass it was? "kon fui glass.? realy no clue." well needless to say the glass with this car would hit the top of the door and auto roll down ever time. this is not normal and needs to have a different piece of glass installed.


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it depends, there is plenty of glass that is good. you think honda makes the glass...NO. they have it made by a company. that company also sells glass to suppliers. there are a few that stick to theres like carlite in fords. but PPG makes a lot of factory windows, pilkington does, united, lamisafe. but dodge uses mopar glass, made by them. ford and dodge I think r the only ones.

whenever we do door glass we only use the good brands. on windshields we offer all the prices and make a recomedation on what is good. but frameless glass is always best bought from dealer.

pilkington quality has gotten really bad lately, you know they were bought by a chinese company.

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I talked to a another glass guy and he said that sometimes the glasses come with a bad bend in them which causes this.

im starting to think its the alignment of the glass? "since he had it change to factory replacment glass or oem" I havent had the door pannel of myself yet, but have check to see if there was any fragments stuck in the weather stripping and there wasn't?

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