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Clean Cut Box Slitter


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Has anybody else tried out the clean cut box slitter? I just tried mine for the first time this weekend slitting a 40" roll into 20"'s for side windows and it worked out great. It's going to be nice on flat glass jobs too. I got the 60" model which should cover 95% of what I do. Now I need to see if anyone carries replacement blades. It's not as cheap as sticking an Olfa through the box, but it is more accurate in cutting straight and quick to use with the inches printed right on the bar.

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I do something similar to what he is doing, but I dont have the film slitters. Where did those come from...a filmhandler? I went to HomeDepot and picked up some metal channels (aluminum) and cut them 36, 48, 60, & 72. It cost me about $20 bucks. I still jab a blade through the box to cut, but it works similar to the clean box slitter. I'll take a picture of it when I get to the shop.

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Since I have bought that, I basically fell in love with. Less waste and better film management.

It get it in sema show last year. however I find it somehow expensive, but to really get the benefit you should have all of them

36 inches, 48inches, 60 inches and 72 inches

just have 2 two now 36 and 48

will surely acquire 60 and 72 good tools keep install clean and very professional

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