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2005 Yamaha Yzf 600r


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I have tinted a harley front glass in the past. it came out fine and its plastic.

Yes, tinting plastic can come out fine...for a while. It's not going to last. Same as putting tint on the outside of car windows in my book.

Those Yamahas are so popular you can find shields in any color. Why half-azz it?

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I dont know where this question would fit in but... Can a motorcycle front window be tinted. No, the window is not glass. It's some type of plastic. If it is tintable, what is the best way?


Jarrett it’s dangerous to put film on any plastic surface. Plastics can emit a gas ( usually when warm) that can get trapped under the film. The gas is supposed to escape by using the path of least resistance like the uncoated side. Murphy ’s Law says it will bubble under the film! Once film is applied to the plastic it is permanent so if it “goes bad” or needs to be replaced for any reason you are screwed.

Mr. Rogers :gasp

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