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Where are the "regulars"?


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darkdan disappeared after getting in an internet fight with TD over politics or the space-time continuum or something. :coffee

willie's still around and stops by from time to time. probably just busy with the kids.

1 peec just checked in a few days ago. he's done thinking about tint for now.

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I think he means other sites in general :poke

I am always reading but rarely post.

Since taking up bridge online, well that is where I am most of the time.

My Dad has advanced stage prostate cancer so I wanted to be able to play bridge with him online.... come to find out I LOVE bridge :coffee

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One thing to remember... I have been a TD.com member for what, 6 yrs now, and no matter where people sneak off to most all always come back.....

TD.com is home, good coffee (always fresh) and good conversation. You will notice when the board slows down the regulars will post more. Just one of those quirky things :coffee

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