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Blood on the fabric


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How many of you tinters work with razor blades :shock ... How many of you ever work around cloth seats , cloth interior, carpet, etc... I'm sure you are all carefull, but if you ever do happen to get blood on the customer's fabric there is a way to get it out. First clean with cold H2O to clean the bulk, then use H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) to disolve the rest, it is effective at disolving biological material (ex. blood).

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Guest scottydosnntkno
or wear latex gloves if you get a cut

I usually spray it with J&J to clean it, dry it with a blue shop towel, put a little piece of blue towel on it and wrap it with green tape that I use on the felts. A true tinters bandage. Usually by the time I get to the next car it has stopped bleeding and I can take it off.

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in hawaii, most surfers have super glue on hand to mend up cuts. it's non-toxic. :lol ...thats if you dont have any band aids around. but I guess this post is about cleanup anyway...well its just a tidbit from the islands.

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