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Quick fix for Pinnacle F1 Ceramic Tint

Guest WLS

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Hi Everyone,

I have an 08 BMW 335 Coupe and there is an issue with the tint on the drivers side window. Since the windows go up and down a little bit when you open the door, the tint on the window folded. I took it back to the shop and they trimmed it looks fine problem solved. Not really... the edge of the tint where they trimmed is no longer adhered to the window.

Is there a glue or sealant that I can use to secure the tint to the window so that it does not peel again? How can I fix this without damaging the film for the long term?


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Would it matter if I added that the issue with the film is occuring below the window line and wont be visible from inside or outside the car. The main problem is that there is a piece of rubber trim that it could get caught on again.

best thing to do is just send it back and insist that it needs to be redone.

I am tired of going back. They have already redone 4 of 5 windows....

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Guest thatsnappyguy
Will they be able to fix it or are they going to have to do that window for a third time?

maybe 4th and 5th time before you take it to someone who knows what they are doing

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The point of my original post is that I don't want to not use my window for another week and not have my car for a day, etc.

just tell them you still haven't recieved the service you paid for and get your money back and then get someone who knows what they are doing to do it

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