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Another vote for buy it!

One tip I would give you though, if your supplier has a rep that comes around to your shop...ask him for some clipart cds. I did that and ended up with some of the best clipart cds! and the biggest bonus....they were free! :mad

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There's alot of clipart on ebay, more than when I started out in the business. Make sure you know what formats your software will recognize, so that you don't get stuck with stuff you can't do anything with. A good way to find out is by going to brandsoftheworld.com and downloading different logos with different types of formats, such as .ai, .eps, or .cdr. Unless you have corel software tho, you can pretty much count that one out for your software being able to recognize it and you being able to use it. Once you know what formats your software recognizes, then go shopping. Word of advice, don't buy something just because you "think" you'll one of the items in the collection. Think of what you see around your area on vehicles and get the collections that contain those items. :mad

Here are a couple of sites that you can also download free images, but make sure it says either .ai or .eps format or it will be useless to you.




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