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Baked on Windows

Guest djtekk707

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is this really necessary? I mean, is the sun not good enough? blue max it and let it dry for a day or two and never have to worry about burning anything.

no its not necessary.

The term "baked on windows" could mean many things. Our shop used to remove all and every window that came in thru the door up until 2004. The taking out windows of every car would be taken in to a "lint free" room and then put under heat lamps. Yes it was a riot! glass over the place. So, taking out windows and putting udner heat lamps or under the sun is considered "baked on" process. Some tinters still do it, but with todays films, and cars coming out with more and more electronics, its not necessary and not a good idea anymore. Those lamps are powerful though, I suggest u be careful and just use when u need to when applying darker films.

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Guest thatsnappyguy
Hey I was wondering for those who do baked on windows what do U use?.....I bought these bad boys each one has a halogen bulb at 500w...is that good enough? :twocents


Thankz Guyz :beach

why dont you just bring those things back to home depot and put the money to good use like razor blades and and log of tape.

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Guest maddtinter

Those lights are only good for tinting SUV's with privacy glass.They provide a lot of light for those that only hand cut their tint.We "bake" film daily.Whether it is the back glass to dry out the edges before pressing the tint into the dot matrix or for frameless rollups before shaving the edge.The lamps we use are on stand they are 3ft. wide and can dry a rollup completely in less than 20 minutes on 45 degree days.

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