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I am gonna kill him


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My son still lives at home.... he is 20 yrs old and goes to school fulltime.

BUT, tonight he went out with a friend and said he would be home. I know he is 20 but he has to be home by 1am if he is coming home.

Well it is 2:30, no Jake, no call, no nothing! And ofcourse I can't sleep. I am just glad I don't have to work tomorrow! errrr

So tomorrow I am telling him to move his shiot out!

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I went through that bar phase, bars get out at 2:00am so you get home at 2:30ish

but on the other hand, hes proably, f*ckin some hooker, shootin up speed, and robbing people to feed his pregnant girlfriend and pay for his dr*g habbit...



or maybe hes an adult now and just wants to have fun some times


your obviously not going to kick him out, b/c you know if you do hell probably drop out of school and never get a degree, then knock up his girlfriend b/c they couldnt afford birth control

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