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Hey you guys in Albuquerque

flat rock stan

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I have been at Lovelace on Martin Luther King blvd with my mom this week and man they need their film replaced on the tower!!!! Another year and you won’t be able to see out of it!!!!! Looks like SunGard film that’s been on the glass about 3-4 years. You NM guys jump on it. (mom's doing better, leaving tomorrow)



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Cant just call em up and tell em the film needs to be replaced.Who you gonna talk to. The director :poke ....they have contracts with people.....builders and who knows who else. Albuquerque is a different kind of town to begin with.

but what do I know.

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Is Lovelace a hospital?

Yup a hospital!!! You usually deal with director of building maintenance. Hospital work pays great because of the added problems dealing with policy when you can do the work. I did a big job in the 80’s on a hospital and charged 35 bucks a squire foot to do the ICU.

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If you are licensed and insured it’s just a don’t ask don’t get kind of deal. Albuquerque is no different than any other city IMO. I have lived in New Mexico several years over the course of life. I’m pretty sure any of us could arrange a meeting and show them (like they don’t know) the bad film. I just ordered 37 rolls of 60 inch film for a job that was the same type deal.

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