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Help with my website


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I only now just got a website ..it's a basic plain jane mess but at least I can be found on the net. What I need is someone to do it up to professional standards that KNOWS the tinting business.

I've had a couple of people that know how to design websites approach me however Iwould prefere to find a tinter who is knows the business to do it (hopefully for a reasonable price :beer

Here's my basic website : www.tintbyattain.com Please don't suggest changes as I know changes need to be made...it's just what Bell did for me for free to get me up and running..I just added information on it along the side. I have no interest in learning how to do this. I have the "easy to follow" program that can be forwarded to whomever wants to give it a whirl.

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When I do mine I plan on keeping it simple but not too simple, just a happy medium. When I do searches on the web I get turned off by "too simple sites" could refect on the service they provide. The sites that are 'over done' don't to it for me either, I usually skip through quickly to get to another site before I decide on who to call and do business with. :beer:lol2

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Here are my thoughts on it TW for what its worth...

You are saying you want a website done by someone who "KNOWS the tinting business"....but why is that so important to you? YOU know the tinting business, and are in the best position to know your market. You are trying (for the most part) to attract business from ppl who, as a whole, have minimal knowledge about the tint industry. So why do you need someone who "KNOWS the tinting business"? Why not share your knowledge with someone who "KNOWS the website business" and knows your area and the market you are trying to attract, and let them make their suggestions to you.

Another thing to think about...I have a firm belief in supporting my local economy (especially when times are tough). I make my money in this community, and therefore I spend my money in this community. I am sure you have people in your area who do this type of work exclusively. Why not support them? Local money stays local...and who knows what business you may get from local talk that comes from work on your site? :drevil I have found this to be true in my case. I have hired the local pro's do to the site...but add my knowledge of the industry. They make suggestions, I make suggestions...and then we narrow down the best way to attract the customers that I want with the information that they need.

Now, mind you, my site is a work in progress and is not yet up to the standards I want it to be on completion. But that is my own fault, not really spending the time/money with the site guys to get it there yet. But that doesnt really bother me as probably 70-80% of my business is dealers and of the other 20-30% of the business....well over half (more like 75%) are repeat customers. So when the site does start producing work...I will have to be hiring more help...which, I am not sure I want to really do at this point, since over the past 5 years I have had a really hard time finding dependable help that REALLY wants to WORK. (They all seem to want a big paycheck for doing as little work as possible...but thats another "blog" altogether :dunno )

I know it doesn't count for much...but thats my :drevil :drevil

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Good points made one slick :drevil I just don't have the time to sit down with designers that don't know the business too much on my plate at the moment (also why I'm rarly online these day). I'd rather have someone thousands of miles away from me whom we are not in competition with each other fix it up not bothering me with obvious tint questions. Maybe I'll keep it local like you suggest and get around to it when I can sit down with someone :drevil

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Marketing wise, I've done well with it..any wording you would choose to use in a google search in my area that I serve, it comes up as #1 so no complaints there :drevil

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