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got a thermal stress on a window

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Just got a call from a cust telling me that one her windows has cracked. there were arch windows .

I use an optitune 20 from hanitatek. Now I have to handle the warranty. Hate that when that happen, second time in 3 years..

But I usually tell all my clients that it can happen so they are no surprise if it did happen. I think the glass had a chip on the edge

nice way to start the week...............



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:poke I seem to remember you coming on here about a year and a half ago looking to learn how to tint. Now I see you have 4 years experience! I guess time flies when you are in Ottawa?? :dunno:bingo

it really flies

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which direction is that window facing....because it sure looks like a shadow could be cast to me.

the window faces the south

there is no shadow at this window , on the picture you can the bricks edge that is, no tree, no wall, nothing

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