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2009 Subaru Legacy

Guest scottydosnntkno

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Guest scottydosnntkno

Be careful with the new 09 Legacies. The back window is cake, dont worry about taking out the taillight to remove the 4 Wheel Drive sticker, just lay your film right over it and it looks awesome. The customer commented on how it looks so much better now that you can see the sticker.

The doors are another issue. Make your that you tuck the film at LEAST 1/3" below the top of the gasket. Originally I tinted it like any other frameless, and put the film right to the top of the gasket, since its frameless it should roll down fine and have no issues right? Not so. All 4 windows started to peel in less than 4 weeks since the gaskets are so tight. I talked to the dealer, and they said that the gaskets on these ones are extremely tight due to wind noise issues in the past. Now that I redid all 4 roll downs and put the film under the gaskets, there should hopefully not be any other problems.

Just watch out for them. Other than that, cake car.

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