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Hi Everybody, I think it is last work day everywhere (not in Riga ) - so I want to say Merry Christmas (I have Khanuka this week ). I am very happy that I joined this web. Everewhere I am - first I try to find PC and check newz from TINTDUDE.COM.... There are lot of useful information for me - not how to struggle with bubbles and shrinks, and not how to install rear window on Firebird 93 (we did it from one piece here, but, of course, I don't know how ) . I think and I will do my best for it I will make independent unity of tinters (non virtual) and we can make good parties - non seminars. For me business starts from good relation non from good films. If You have contact with customers - film quality won't be the first thing he need, of course on my mind...I like to discuss tint problemes here - it's impossible to do it in ex-USSR web's - all competitors don't like each other and Llumar dealers can tell only about Solar gard dealer... But anycase I am patriot of USSR I understand that sometimes my english sounds funny and my posts sometimes - but it's me and I won't change me - it's too late I like GirlZ, CarZ and Vodka and I hope it's best things for real men... So, Merry Christmas. Wish You were here

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      Beginner trying to learn, where I'm at...

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      Xpel; rookie (me) popped air pocket and nicked paint

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      Xpel; rookie (me) popped air pocket and nicked paint

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      Reimbursement for warranty work on solar or safety film

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      Marks appearing on the window after tint removal

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      We are hiring experienced individuals LAS VEGAS NV

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      Experienced Tinter- Inland Empire- 1,500-2,000 salary based on experience

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      Streaks after window tint

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      Marks appearing on the window after tint removal

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