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Pay Scale for Tinters

Guest TheQueenOfTint

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OMG! Are you people serious???? Thes low pay scales are 30 years old!!! The last tint shop I worked for had myself and another tinter double team every car. At 35% we each averaged 2K or more per week. Anyone that can't sell a job for a minimum of over two bills needs to get out of the business! The price of everything has doubled in the last 30 years except tint. Prices have stagnated and installers are now making half of what they did 30 years ago. On top of that, output demand has went up 30%. An installer could make more money with one car a day at home than slaving for a low ball shop with no sales talent. You only get what you ask for!

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Guest LowRider

Myself and the shop owner split the cost of materials and the profits 50/50 and we both have to put in work on any job. Usually for cars I do the back glass while he pulls panels/cuts then we both install all the windows together.

I think a quality tinter is worth at least $15/hour or if you do commision at least 35% seems fair.

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OMG! Are you people serious??? An installer could make more money with one car a day at home than slaving for a low ball shop with no sales talent. You only get what you ask for!

This is very true. It was one of the reasons I got into the business for myself as a teenager. It payed WAY better than flipping burgers.

I got the same amount for a dodge caravan when they came out in 1984 as I do now , thanks to better techniques, can do them in half the time and a third of the grief so all is good :lol

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Guest PerformanceWindowTint

I consider myself a pretty good tinter and after lease issues with my shop I decided to shut it down. I approached a guy and showed and sold my work to him and asked for a weekly pay of $500 + %15 of the work I do and he accepted.

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I'd say salary should be at least 800-1k a week for a guy that can handle 4 a day cleanly and does flat glass as well. That's if he works Saturdays also. If he's doing that many cars on a regular basis then he is making you decent coin.

That is a decent wage for a good tinter, something that will keep him happy and loyal. I know I wouldn't work for less if I had to work for somebody.

I am training my stepdad and pay him $20 an hour on flat glass, which we only do a few a week. So he averages around $200 a week on flat glass as a trainee and then $10 an hour at the shop. But this consist of sweeping, mopping, cleaning the shop, prepping and doing quarter glass, visors and easier windows. He has been doing about $500 a week total. Next year when he can make me more, he will make more. I love having family that is responsible and trust worthy to work for me. I had theft issues before and didn't want to hire a stranger or so called friend again.

I agree with sir tints a lot 800-1000 is fair for a good tinter , if not and hes good you wont keep him long

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I'd say if you can do 8-10 a day hand cutting and doing all the sales your pay should be based on you being your own boss. Period. BC at the end of the day you can be making double what anyone would be willing to pay for our skills and have the freedom to have your own satisfied customer base.

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