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i guess i need some prayers for my co-worker~?

Guest youngazntinter

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Guest youngazntinter

I have a partner that I usually work with when I do a flat glass job.

last friday, I've booked a job at nail salon,, and was there at around 10am with him.

there were about 6 windows,, approximately 48"x6' .. so we decided to do 3each... took us about 2hours to finish it due to all the

nail polish crap on the glass,,,, so after we;re done I came out to take a look....

3on my side looked pretty good,, (we used 25% Tri-Luminell from Tom Fisher,)

but when I looked at my partner's side,, it was all blurry and hazy,,,,, at that time I just thought he didn't get enough water out....

so we left,, and that following monday,,I got a call from a lady from that nail salon saying, one side of the windows were really bad,,,

so we went back and sure it was still hazy and blurry,,,, (my partners side)

I went in to see what the problem was...... and I just couldn't believe my eyes,,,,,

my partner,, who had more than 15years of experience,,, DID NOT take the liner off on all the windows,,,,,

so we just pulled the liners off and slap that on there...

but the problem was... with him.. we made a big joke out of that and went back to the shop..

the very next day, ive got a call from his family saying that he's in the hospital now.

turned out that he has a skitzophrenia...not sure if I spell that right...

he was seeing things and hear things for a while I guess......

so thats why he was having some hard times while at work....btw he's only 42....

he was a great teacher and a friend ,,, hopefully he recovers from it quick...

sorry for a long writing,,..

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:lol2 Hope he gets better!

Same here! Prayer from the NW. Times are hard enough right now without health issues.


I had a guy call one time and say the film I just put on his door windows was falling off. I thought SURE and told him to bring it by.............. he did and I pulled the liner and finished tinting the window!

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Guest youngazntinter

thanks to you all... right now hes on the medication... but to me it seems like he's totally a different person when he's on the

medication... it scares me a bit..

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