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Looking for someone to tint windows

Guest bluecreation

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Guest bluecreation


I'm looking for someone to install window tint at my dads business in Carson. I want it to be the darkest possible which I believe is a limo tint (5%?)..I'm tinting the windows for security purposes (don't want people looking inside the office at night, he currently has curtains but it doesn't block the entire view of the windows) and for the sunlight of course....

He would need a roll of 4 feet x 36 Feet which is 144 sq feet.... These are the dimensions of the windows and doors he needs tinted:


3 23x48 Inches

6 21x48 Inches

12 19x16 Inches


1 30.5x77 Inches

2 26x77 Inches

I'm looking for someone who has experience... email me if you are interested and give me a quote on how much you would charge me just for the labor... I might be able to get the film myself... or if you think you have good prices on the film let me know...


Thanks :dunno

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