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Sup guys, I need your help.

Guest thatsnappyguy

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Guest thatsnappyguy

so at tinted concepts we are off on sundays and mondays. lately I been thinking about doing something with my time on all the mondays instead of watching my walls at the house. jumped on craigslist and started looking for some part time work and found a guy that needs comm/res. tint installers. called him up and he put me in his books. well, heres is what I need from you guys. he just called me and said that he could use my help on an 800 ft job at a hotel that has to be done in one day. no big deal to me. he is gonna be there, I never met him so I dont know who is gonna be helping who here, and he said that he was not around his books to look at the labor rate for installers on flat glass and he would call me back tommorrow and he would let me know and maybe even nogotiate from there. so I have about 9 years into this, and I know that im good and clean. I can pass a drug test, and have never missed a day of work in my life....no BS. I love tinting that much. so what are some basic prices on flat glass tint installers when the you are being helped or not. I dont want to get into a blind negotiation here and get mess around. keep in mind that he has a shop that does auto and he does all the flat glass work. he needs help and I will be the only one there helping him...so that means out of all the people that have possibly called him from his craigslist posting, he decided to call me. my email link to my work pictures may have helped and he complimented me on that also. I know that we arent suposed to talk about prices here, but its not like that. if someone doesnt want to talk about it freely here, pm me.

thanks alot guys.


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I've gotten up to a little less then $3 a sq/ft... but the average has been $1.50-$2. Which I still think is a little low... but that's a whole other thread for another day.


As a contractor???? For labor??? Dang, I need to be where you are. I occasionally help another company north of Houston and I charge him a buck 25 labor. Considering I made $.50 on commercial working for another company a few years back, I think I am making a killing. Still, it nothing compared to what the market will bear doing the work yourself.

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Guest absolutetinting

it all depends on how much sqft. you can typically install in a day. I use to pay my guys

.85/sqft. d.a. film, +.50/sqft for removal, security film upto 7 mil. or p.s. film $1/sqft.

ladder work +.50 sqft.

sunday work +.35/sqft.

I supplied the starbucks.

before you start, he agrees you get paid at the end of the day.

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