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another cleaning glass technique

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I've posted before about cleaning windows using rubbing compound, but others found it too aggressive and some glasses tend to get scratched because of its aggresiveness.

another substance that I see very effective in cleaning, perhaps detailing if may opt to use, is mothers chrome polish 05208.jpg

what I used for application is spare carpet cloth - the one used for speaker enclosure covers.

the method is wet your glass, pour some of the polish on the carpet cloth and scrub your way into the glass. it won't scratch glass and will surely leave the glass super clean. just rinse it off afterwards with clean water. you may use glass cleaner afterwards for further cleaning of the residue. in my case, I used glass science glass scrub afterwards with rain clear gell after drying. :rollin

personally, I like this sequence

1 - mothers chrome polish applied with carpet cloth and clean water on glass

2 - glass science glass scrub applied with meguiars wax foam applicator (I followed the instructions on the bottle)

3 - glass science rain clear gel applied and plished with soft paper towels

4 - glass science spray aio cleaner + repellant for maintenance applied and buffed with brandless mf

steps 1 and 2 can be used anytime on the outside glass, while they can be used as a very good prep work prior to tinting, a bit costly though. in spite of the additional time and cost, my customers prefer it than the traditional way of cleaning. a good prep work goes a long way. with this method, I also noticed that its easier to squeegee out excess slipand glass sticks to it better than the traditional way of cleaning - I may be subjective here, but I think it would still be case to case.

my customer's loved me. I give a special price for glass detailing + tinting. as for the fourth step I mentioned, I just recommend it to my customers.

I'm not promoting any products here, just speaking from my experience and my customers experience as well.

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