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2004 clio


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I've been dreading one of these cars for ages now after all the hype I'v e read about this window but it isn't bad at all.

I just left my anchor line high and just took my time and it worked out perfect.

Just a tip (that worked for me) for any newbies gonna do one. when you start shrinking, do the bottom half first and don't shrink the top yet as you wont be able to slide the film down a little if you overshrink the bottom edge if you get me.

here are a couple of pics - suntek carbon 5%





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I was wondering what would taking your time be, 15 min, more?

The bottom was simple, the top took a bit of a lift and pull, here and there, working from side too side, not hitting the film with too much heat for a long period. I would think it took about 20-25 minutes to shrink

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