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Light and reflective film.

Guest oasys

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Is there film that is lightly reflective enough so that when used 60%< tint film all around, it wouldn't be easy for others to see the face of the occupant due to the subtle reflection not just on a hazy but sunny day as well?

I'm not talking about the cheap reflection looks on the older Lexus RV like this.


or these.



But maybe more subtle so that the reflections may look like that of high quality sunglasses.

I'd prefer lighter 60%< so that the tinting wouldn't be obvious enough to attract unwanted attention, legal in CA as well as efficient enough to cut down the heat on my black leather interior.

Another is that I want all windows to be uniform in color so that the car would look as much factory as possible.

I've seen what is considered the best film -- Llumar ATR 50 CH (metallic I assume) but they seem to exhibit not much reflection for my taste. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Your advice is greatly appreciated.

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Guest absolutetinting

I once had black bimmer with sil 60 from solar gard, but I believe they took it out. its a nice clean look, recieved many compliments on the shade.

some korean manus. carry a sil 60 with ps adhesive, but call lulu if 1st. make sure its ps its easier to install.

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60 percent or lighter and hard to see in during a sunny day.....not going to happen. I have older Sungard Silver 60 on the front windows of my mini-van and there are times where you can't see in it, but times where you would not know it was tinted as well.....and that is some reflective film there...

Light film will never equal privacy!

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