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New Johnstons Maraton

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Johnstons have a new film out last month, called Maraton! They sent me through quite a large sample and it seems really really good, personnally I didnt think you could beat 'Greystone' But the colour of this new film is even closer to a factory finish! Its a little thinner than Greystone but very easy to handle.

My next couple of rolls are gonna be Maraton, then I'll really know.....

Anyone else tried it yet?

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Guest Drummmer69

I like the marathon, nice price also, matches factory well. Ive found that if your slip soul. isnt slippery enough the tint will stick when you dont need it to. I really like their customer service. I got some posters for the shop, they said "just pick a few and we will give them to you". I used to use Maxpro, with no support, to "cut down cost" they dont give you jack!! Im all about freebies! Johnson will take care of you, at least they have me.

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Guest tintnmoreok

I just switched to Marathon from SP and really like it. The color is great and it handles every bit as well as the SP. We've used Johnson for about 8 years now and their customer service is the best.

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