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Good shop in South-Eastern Michigan

Guest allenSVT

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Guest allenSVT

Hello all..

I am looking for a "GOOD" tint shop in the south-eastern michigan area.

(Detroit / AnnArbor surrounding areas)

Most of the shops around me are hacks.

I just want to find a decent place that does good work, and arent b!tchy if I bring the car back because of a bubble or something.. Is that so wrong?!



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Guest thetintshop

go to one that has been in business a while. hacks generally don't last very long, except for chains. good tint shops will last.

as far as them being bitchy, a good tinter may be a little touchy when you start picking his work. but hey, you're the expert. he's only done more cars in one day than you'll ever own.

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Guest Tint Guru

Did you get it done yet??

Im not going to give you the hard sell but I will tell you I have been doing it 15 years and I have traveled all over the world training people. I f that isn't good enough for you, you may have a problem finding some who meets your criteria.

What kind of car and what do you want on it?

BTW I do charge extra if you want to watch.

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