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air show pictures (pics deleted)

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ohhhhhhhhhhh s**t I got good pictures, I found a place at the end of the runway, I think I have damaged hearing from the f16`s and f15`s, I could damn near hit these bastards with a rock I was so close :)

I have lots of cropping and resizing to do though.....I have 8 floppy disk full of pictures :)

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how the show started :)


the T-birds laying in wait...


ass end of a b1 lancer...very loud :lol if you have ever heard one.


some old ww2 trainer planes


some got alittle close :sad:lol no big deal...untill the fighter jets got this close, then I almost lost all bowel control :sad


this one took my ear drums out :lol very close :)


right here he is cutting it, check out the vapor over the wing.



a renactment battle of torra torra....jap zeros were attacking, explosions the whole nine yards.


here is what the reinactment looked like, zeros all over the place..


here is another one where I thought my head was gonna explode from the noise :)


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Guest tintslut

damn ,, looks like they were doin everythin Texas style,,, all we got

was the blooo angels flyin in formation...

a reenactment of a jap attack,,,, now thats entertainment :shock

and flyin paratroopers, I feel cheated.. IF you tell me they allowed you

to park on base,,,,, thats it Im writing my congressman...

I hope they dont try to replicate dropping the big one on hiroshima.

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Guest tintslut

due to a heightened security alert here in da Nations Capitol, we had to

park at fedex field, (15 miles away from andrews) and were shuttle bused

back to the base, :shock

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haha I just noticed this truck, I tinted it a couple weeks ago llumar atr stealth 35 and 18 :shock we also put the light bar on top and the metal gem top on the truck last week. :thumb I was wondering what in the heck it was being used for, gots to have that 4 x 4 and mud tires for paved landing strip :lol


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