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Brand New Tinting Tools and Roll of Eclipse Film

Guest chrisbirch

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Guest chrisbirch

So I did what everyone said I shouldn't. I bought these tools with the intention of tinting only a few cars, possibly some for some friends...

Anyway it didn't work out so now I'm going to cut my losses and sell these tools. I used the blue max like three times and the white card about the same. The rest hasn't been touched. I want to sell these for 75% of the original price since they are brand new.

Here's the list of what I have and what they cost me from Conquerer Tools:

GT201G Green Contour Squeegee $3.97

GT235 5.5" Yellow Turbo Squeegee $5.97

GT205 Bulldozer 1 $16.47

GT086-6W 6" White Hard Card Squeegee $2.07

GT086-6Y 6" Yellow Hard Card Squeegee $2.77

GT118-12 12" Blue Max Squeegee Refill $1.97

GT053 6" Squeegee and Channell $3.64

GT122 Blue Power Max w/ Handle $15.27

GT207 Side Swiper Squeegee $8.97

GT040 Slim Foot $22.45

GT044BLU Little Foot Blue $2.45

The total cost of all these items is $86 new, so I would like to get $65 back out of them. I would like to sell them all at once, to save me the hassle of shipping them all separately since it would cost more to ship one item than the item is worth for some of them.

I also am selling a roll of Eclipse 35% 40" wide tint that I bought from valuetint.com. I lost the invoice and can't remember how much it cost, but I think it was around $100 or so. I have probably used around eight feet off of it. I'm looking to get about the same 75% of what it's worth new, although it is pretty much brand new. If you're interested in the tint, let me know how much it's worth since I can't get into valuetint.com now without registering again.

Shipping on all or any of it will be actual what it costs me and not a penny more.

Thanks, Chris.

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