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More pictures can be seen at http://twitpic.com/photos/ARTCOLLECTOR1

Once in a LIFETIME opportunity to own this kind of art at these kind of prices.

The Collection totals close to 1500 works of art. There are African Tribal works, pre-Colombian artifacts, original paintings and sculptures, signed editions, 1500 or more books, and an assortment of ephemora.

It took my father roughly 60 years to gather and assemble his collection. To my knowledge the last piece was acquired in 2002. The entire collection has been passed on to me, and I have absolutely no interest in it.

I am seeking an individual that would have interest in acquiring the entire collection, which is very likely worth in excess of $1,000,000. Within the contemporary collection there are works by Golub, Agam, Azoulay, Altoon, Ciutti, Nevelson, Trova, "Tony" Rosenthal, Klever, Taverna, Doty, Canogar, Bejar and others.

Whether you buy a number of pieces, an entire segment of the collection, or better yet the entire collection you will get a great deal on whatever articles purchased. The price will be well below fair Market Value and Gallery value and below wholesale. The more works purchased the better the price. As mentioned I have no fondness for art whatsoever, I am simply looking for someone that does, and basically wants to "steal" a collection gathered by a man who really knew art.

$500,000 takes all. I personally know the owner if you have any questions.

COLLECTION LOCATED IN PASADENA CALIFORNIA. It can be viewed anytime or pictures can be sent. Email me your number and we can discuss further over the phone. More pictures can be seen at http://twitpic.com/photos/ARTCOLLECTOR1

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