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#1 By "tintbuyer"

Good, Better, Best

Hi all, it's good to start thinking about your customer and what they need (Good/Better/Best is not a profit-system but a customer-satisfaction system, right)?

Although I think you want someone to tell you what works, the only thing you can get is what worked for them. After all, your business AND YOUR CUSTOMERS won't be exactly like someone else's.

This means that if you really want to succeed, you have to do some heavy lifting.

To start, you should look through your receipts and start to picture your 'typical' customer. You need to consider what Michael Gerber in his world-renowned book "The E-myth" calls "Demographic and Psychographic". What does your customer LOOK LIKE and WHY do they buy. Consider the teenager (demographic) who buys dark tint because it's awesome [not sure what kids call it these days, I would have called it 'rad' when I was a teenager] .. this is his psychographic. The biggest mistake window tinters can make in marketing is to assume all their customers are just like them. You can just as easily have a low-rider driving tattooed kid go into a shop owned by a izod-wearing MBA as you can a 2010 Beamer driving housewife drive into a shop with pictures of girls in bikinis on the wall. Who is your customer? If you don't know then how do you decide what to sell them? Do you just sell everyone what YOU like?

Now that you know who your customer is, you as the tinting expert have to provide what THEY need (or maybe you might discover it's a better idea to change what your doing that brings that kind of customer to you).

Now to your question - I have been in the industry for over a decade and know hundreds of window tinters (although I have never tinted a window successfully myself). My experience selling window tinting tells me that GOOD/BETTER/BEST is a losing proposition.

My first reason I don't like GOOD/BETTER/BEST is that when you see window tinters say to their customer "if you want something GOOD, I have this dyed limo tint but if you want something REALLY GOOD I have this nanotechnology high VLT film". Those films are totally different but I see tinters do it all the time. If you (as I do on www.TintBuyer.com) ask a couple questions and find out what they need you will see that limo and nano are too different in appearance to both be acceptable to your client. If you really think about it, you are only trying to create the illusion of value - there aren't really three levels of film for any particular customer's needs for a certain appearance. WARNING - if you add some crummy film with no warranty I guess you could have a third level but don't believe for a second that it will matter that you told them there was no warranty - they will tell everyone that you and your shop sell bad film.

My second reason is that your customer will always pick the middle one! Here again you might feel like you upsold someone from a cheaper film and won. How often did you actually have someone who would have bought the "BEST" choice if there was no 'middle' choice?

Good luck and go to www.Tintbuyer.com/dealer to sign up for FREE leads from my users through March.

#2 By "PJF"

Growing your business in 2010

I have been hearing about so many business owners in this industry that are down in the dumps and not looking forward to 2010. They are running scared and in a hunker down mode instead of figuring out how to go after things in 2010. All I can say is that I completely disagree with their approach and think that they are causing their business to fall into a “death spiral” by their actions. I am not saying that we do not need to watch expenses, be more efficient, etc, etc. However, you cannot eliminate everything that made your company good in the first place and plan on reviving those things once things get better. If you follow that plan, I do not think that things will ever get better for your company again. You are either gaining ground or falling behind. Which one are you doing?
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Guest VaTinterPMan

What about my tip about saving a piece of scrap film of each roll you use and install so when or if one fails or needs to be warrantied you have what it looks like before and after. :lol:cold

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