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Cornea Scratching

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I was pulling out a tv cord lastnight and the damn thing came flying back at me and got me right in the eye. Scratched my cornea pretty good. Went to the Urgent Care and they gave me some drops and some vicodin for the pain...I was like it doesnt hurt that bad but I'll take a RX for vicodin anyways. You can never have enough vicodin in the house...lol WOW, I woke up this morning and my freaking eye was hurting and tearing up like crazy. So glad I gots the vicodin....now I have to deal with the vicodin haze im in right now...all warm and fuzzy...


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Guest auricwealth
No not working today....Yeah I am going back. They told me to follow up with them today before I left lastnight. It sucks when it feels like there is something constantly in your eye.....

ya, take it as a chance to rest. See what they say today.

Come online when u are bored. Let her cheer u up.


get well soon! :zzz

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I know when I was very young, I got hit by a Baseball bat in the left eye, actually the bone right below the eyeball.

Any lower would have shattered the cheekbone, any higher woulda taken out the eyeball.

I do remember my Parents getting me to an actual Eye Dr and having many trips back to make all was as it should be.

Fortunatly, all turned out OK, but GET TO AN EYE DR !

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