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Guest 05Xtreme

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Guest 05Xtreme

What up guys, been lurking here for a while just decided to post up.

I never knew how to tint but I finally decided to take a stab at it because not only is our department cracking down on tint, I've had to redo my friends cars a couple time because of illegal tint. Alot of people seem to think tinting windshields darker than 35% is cool, but its a red flag for cops lately and it seems to be ruining it for alota people. (wont mention names)

Anyway, I want to order a roll of charcoal tint here soon just to mess around with, id assume any company is better than crap autozone tint. I dont plan on starting any sort of business, il leave it to the pros, its just for fun and I want to get good at it.

This forum is cool, and im learning alot on window tint laws here. The laws for MPV's are vague, so most of the time it gets dismissed.

just a few pics of me switchin out 5% to 35%



my truck with 5 and a dumb low strip




not done by me tho-

Although people arent allowed to have illegal tint, most people dont realize that counts for everyone, law enforcement or not. But this one city cop gave me a citation even though it was dismissed im still playing around with different tint %'s and if anyone can point me into the right direction on ordering a roll, im interested in sun guard, but I dont know how to find a distributor in my area.

But yeah I can do windows that arent to technical(lol), I have my own guy that does bitchen work, but I jus tlike playn around with it.

sorry my CPU @ work is jacked, could a mod close the other Posts

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Guest 05Xtreme
looks like the whole w/s is tinted on the truck there too.....and about 35% as well....

get with Express, EWF, or Value Tint and order some film from them to start out with.

Good eye, yes it is all 35%, However with the strip now at the AS1 its very difficult to tell it is tinted.

The only reason I have it like taht is because I have a bunch of audio stuff, and where I go to school isnt the greatest place to park.

Regardless even with 20% and a Legal strip, most people wont bother you for it up here. Like I said, ive had 5 all around for 4 years and not 1 problem. Its due to grants I would assume.

to the OP, yeah theres slight glue residue stuck on the other layer of film from my strip, I think my tint guy tried to use a brillow pad or whatever. Im getting it redone soon, but in the meantime I was just wondering if there was something else to try.

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Guest 05Xtreme
Where in Indiana are you at? Ask you tint guy if you can buy a roll off of him? I'm in Avon, I can get you a roll of 35% if you want.

im in NW indiana, isnt it against code to ask your tint guy for tint to tint your own car.


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